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So yeah, here’s 1700 words on why vaccine messaging has tanked

photo by me

First, the Extended Parallel Processing Model!

The key components of a persuasive message couched as an appeal to fear are the

  • Self-Efficacy: Do *I* have the ability to take an action that will…

They tell you what kind of leader you’re following

Seeking Information

The most common kind of question is also the default assumption by my subordinates: the leader needs to know some key piece of information currently held by the subordinate. It could be a quarterly sales report, or the location of a shipment. It could be a status update…

Are they really “friends” after all these years?

Pulling on a shared musical thread & following it

and then act like it’s their fault…

Skip onboarding altogether

Or worse, fool yourself into thinking “onboarding” happened by having them sit in a meeting with HR that teaches a new employee how to fill out a timesheet, and when the bi-weekly beer bash happens. But don’t bother to give your new employee an overview of the company, of your own team, of the members of your team, how the team aligns to the different areas of the company, or what the key product lines are. Mind you, that new employee is expected to help communicate all of that to other people inside your company as your group grows in…

What’s good, what’s great, and what sucked.

One of my best friends passed away a year ago. This was my speech at his funeral. Almost lost it twice. It’s been a year, and I still miss the bastard.

that’s him on the left, after he’d been fighting leukemia for 3–1/2 years

So, because I dared to disagree with Mr Matthew J Dolezal, he’s blocked me. He hasn’t tried to engage the argument on an intellectual level or discuss alternative viewpoints expressed in a level-headed way. Read this for yourself — I’m not mean, pissy, condescending, or insulting. But he followed me; I read something he wrote and reacted to it. He ran and hid.

My response starts here:

While they’ve been slighted & maligned for 30 years, no other generation has been so thoroughly documented in the movies as Generation X

By most reckonings, Generation X is the 13th generation since the founding of America. It’s also the 4th generation that’s had movies on the big screen for the bulk of their lives. …

What’s the matter with the rest of us?

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Dad, husband, game commando, veteran, Army brat, writer, teacher

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