As I understood it, Uber was there not to become a full-time job, but to allow people to make a few extra bucks shuttling riders around when you were headed that way anyway. If you’re not creating something designed for full-time work, why would you be expected to provide any sort of benefits, pensions, etc? If the folks using your service choose — of their own volition — to turn this into more than a part-time side hustle, then they do so with their eyes wide-open as to what Uber does and doesn’t provide. Complaining that something designed as a part-time job doesn’t offer full-time benefits is akin to ordering a steak at Burger King and complaining when you get a hamburger.

This is not to say that Uber didn’t do about 932874059832749 other things wrong. But claiming they didn’t provide a workforce that was designed to be part-time with a full-time package is utterly silly.

And the fact that many Uber drivers chose to work the equivalent of full-time hours because they either couldn’t or wouldn’t go find other full-time employment is in no way Uber’s concern.

Otherwise, you should start complaining that neighborhood parents aren’t matching 401k contributions for their Friday-night babysitters.

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