At this point, the evangelical right is a single-issue party: control of women’s reproductive rights in which the only legally allowable sex is unprotected monogamous sex in the missionary position between a man and wife for no purpose other than procreation.

How do we know this? They’ve introduced laws for the past 100+ years attempting to criminalize almost every variation from that theme.

The evangelical right dresses themselves up in a Bible they’ve never fully read and claims they’re enforcing the morals of a God they barely believe in while ignoring the obvious messages of the scripture every day all for the endless — and ultimately doomed — crusade of trying establish a patriarchal breeding state.

It’s why we see such disingenuous defenses of moral repugnance (like trying to convince people Donald Trump was somehow worthy of the office) simply to try and manipulate a judicial end-state that won’t survive the century.

And this point needs to be hammered into every “pro-lifers” forehead

Saying women can’t choose to have abortions unless we’re raped or dying is telling us we don’t EARN autonomy over our own bodies until a man violates it or we’re on our deathbeds.

Dad, husband, game commando, veteran, Army brat, writer, teacher

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