Can you give us some specific examples where the media dishonestly ignored the existing facts/evidence in order to spin an intentional string of falsehoods that was not rapidly corrected and/or debunked by other media sources?

The infamous George W. Bush pilot memos fell apart within days, and Dan Rather lost his job.

The NBC Dateline exploding pickup truck story is so old most people don't even know it.

When asking people for specific examples of the media acting as "shills for the left" about 95% of the examples you get are things being accurately reported, but that the complainer doesn't like, such the equal rights for same-sex couples, or accurately pointing out that the US has higher costs and worse outcomes within our health care system compared to countries with a single-payer system.

Media critics who have been hoodwinked by Fox's tagline "fair and balanced" (of which it has never been either) have somehow fooled themselves into believing that "fair" must be "balanced" and routinely complain that the media aren't pointing out "both sides" of a story, as though for every article about an arrest in a child porn ring should also be required to include a statement from NAMBLA.

No, you're not going to get a religious counterpoint to an article about SCOTUS rulings on the rights of same-sex couples to marry, because those religious views are not germaine to a secular government. Moreover, you're not going to get "both sides" viewpoints featuring a religious preference for teaching creationism in school, or the legality of medical procedures, as they are equally irrelevant to secular laws. But those constinuencies are among the loudest critics of "media bias" - presumably because the media are capable of separating religious/secular concerns where the complainers are not.

Now, I am not attempting to lump you into that group, but I am using it as an example of how complaints about media bias are misapplied based on the complainers who routinely conflate "accurately reporting on a specific issue within its appropriate bounds" with "failing to represent my misapplied viewpoint"

Much of the complaints of media bias ultimately boil down to this core problem: "the media is talking about an issue I don't like" much more than "the media are preferencing a particular side" and dispassionate fact-based assessments of what's being reported almost always bear that out.

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