I think from a purely mathematical-formula approach, it’s an interesting thought experiment. I think there are definitely some on-the-ground adjustments that would be absolutely necessary though, to more correctly capture the on-the-ground realities of regional intermingling and cultural coherence.

A few examples:

San Luis Obisopo (a classic California “middle kingdom” city on the Central Coast) has very little in common with Bakersfield (a West Texas cattle-and-oil town that somehow accidentally got dropped into California)

Columbus OH stretches way further into Appalachia than it currently influences, and while Ohio (rightly) loses parts of its mountain regions to Charleston, it might not be enough. Same thing with the Western edges of the DC-Baltimore region.

NOLA should probably give back Hattiesburg and instead stretch further along the coast, as Alexandria and Lafayette are not that tied into the coastal Cajuns.

Abilene — Midland — Odessa — San Angelo really belong in one bunch together as they are all very culturally tied in together, perhaps with Lubbock as a focal point?

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