I’m curious what floor of the Facebook HQ building houses their news division? Who are their reporters and editors? Who handles the newsgathering and vetting for them?

Oh that’s right — no one.

There’s no “news from Facebook” because Facebook is merely a delivery channel for people to share what others have first written or generated.

Unless you’re on-site as an eyewitness and capturing it in real-time, you’re not creating “news” on Facebook, you’re sharing someone else’s work.

It is the instant-delivery equivalent of clipping out a newspaper article and dropping it in the mail to 20 friends, only now instead of newspapers, we’ve got every manner of ill-informed conspiracy nut-job on a push-button platform with virtually no barrier to entry (either in cost or competence) bloviating far outside their areas of expertise.


Dad, husband, game commando, veteran, Army brat, writer, teacher

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