I’ve lived in 9 different states, from coast to coast and north and South, and all over in between. I’ve also lived 8–1/2 years overseas.

People drive like shit and freak out like idiots the first time it snows each year, anywhere. Columbus, OH after the first snowfall? Tow truck central. Stuttgart, Germany when those first flakes arrive? Stock up on some groceries (their idea of “stocking up” is different from us, but the principal is the same). Any Great Plains city with snow in the forecast? rock salt, school delays, and extra batteries.

The biggest difference is that it only happens (usually) 1x/year in the South, so to say they freak out “every time it happens” is to ignore the fact that they never get a second snowfall each year to be completely unperturbed over, unlike almost everywhere on the wrong side of the Mason-Dixon line.

Dad, husband, game commando, veteran, Army brat, writer, teacher

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