RIP Shawn Smith

Unknown frontman with a voice of gold

Barely noticed by much of the public about 6 weeks ago, singer Shawn Smith passed away. He fronted both Brad and Satchel, as well as Pigeonhed, and others. Brad was Stone Gossard’s side band, and Satchel was the name they played under when Stone wasn’t with them.

His tunes were featured in TV movies all over the place: Beautiful Girls, Elementary, Girl Next Door, and Coyote Ugly, among others.

His voice was especially well-suited to very slow/mellow, late-night kinds of tunes.

And of course, the song where you’ve most likely heard his voice is a remix of a song that barely rippled the water in it’s original version (lyrics are soooooo NSFW)

So just chill with a glass of a wine and a couple of candles tonight, and groove along with Shawn Smith’s incomparable vocals

And one of the most beautiful rock songs ever recorded, with a driving piano, and Shawn’s soaring vocals over the whole groove

Make sure you track down the different permutations of the bands he was in to get a full sense of his range.

and take a moment to appreciate how well he always matched his intensity to the music just perfectly

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