The big deal isn’t the meeting itself, it’s the repeated non-disclosure of the meetings and then lying about the nature of them.

Additionally, such meetings must be disclosed on the NAQ that must be completed in order to receive a security clearance, which if DTJr doesn’t have, it’s insane that he has as much White House access as he does.

It used to be that intentionally failing to disclose foreign contacts on a NAQ was a misdemeanor, but lying about it during the investigation was a felony; that might have changed. Either way, lying about it was sufficient for not granting the clearance.

And yes, listing all possible foreign entanglements is a pain in the ass. I lived in Germany for 8–1/2 years. I went to German schools for 2 of them and played on German soccer teams for 3 years. I also stayed with some German friends for over a month at a time more than once. My NAQ was pretty long. That’s normal.

If he didn’t disclose the meetings on the NAQ, he’s in deep shit.

If he didn’t disclose them when under direct questioning while under oath then he may have committed perjury (same thing Bill Clinton did). I don’t know if he was directly questioned under oath, but if so, and he lied about it, and they can prove it, he’s in deep shit.

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