The fact that you’re trying to use Breitbart as an example just proves how far beyond gone your credibility is a media critic is.

These are the guys that ran a headline about Woolworths being a Muslim store and canceling Christmas when in fact, it was catering to the locals in that neighborhood, who were predominantly Muslim.

You want to claim that the Russian investigation of President Trump was some sort of hoax from the Hillary campaign, but completely ignore that that flies in the face of the facts that Carter Page and George Papadopoulos (sp?) were already under investigation for ties to Russia.
It also flies in the face of the fact that the original Steele dossier was commissioned by a Republican in DC who was hoping to derail the Trump candidacy. However, on top of all of that, your claim that it is a hoax completely flies in the face of a very comprehensive and thorough investigation by a Republican former FBI director whose credibility was never in question by anyone on any side of the aisle until he dared to take a shot at Dear Leader.
The mere fact that he specifically noted that he was not able to exonerate the president based on the evidence they had, should tell you everything you need to know about how damning that evidence was. Given the President’s position, Muller made it abundantly clear that it was not his job to charge anyone, but rather up to Congress. The Democrats very clearly, dispassionately, and comprehensively laid out the case that Trump was in fact engaging in a personally-motivated alternate foreign policy that was focused specifically on his individual gain and not for the good of the country.
The Senate refused to even consider the matter and dismissed at all on a straight party vote which everyone knew was going to happen beforehand because the craven Republicans in the Senate were more afraid of their deluded constituents worshiping at the altar of Q than they were of truth, facts, and the reality that the history books will treat them as the lapdog bootlickers that they turned out to be.

You have repeated literally every Trump sycophant talking point, but somehow one us to believe that you’re an objective analyst of media bias. Sorry, not buying it for a second, because it’s clear reality doesn’t agree with you

(edited to fix multiple cell-phone-induced voice ‘recognition’ errors)

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