The feeling around here (Raleigh) was that as the game started to break down, he would start focusing more on his own game / highlights / numbers and abandon whatever system they were supposed to be running. There was also a lot of chatter that his lack of effort on defense because there aren’t a lot of stats available on that end.
Last season was a total train wreck for NC State, so Smith Jr, as the face fo the team, probably got more of the blame than he should’ve. But everyone pretty much knew what they were getting w/ Anya and Abu and the rest of the lineup and they fairly well lived up (down?) to expectations. Was the team unfairly inflated by nat’l media before the season? Maybe. (And my hero, Mark Titus, was part of the problem) But in a season when pretty much everyone else except Yurtseven did what we expected, Smith kept feeling like the one coming up short.
That said, I appreciate the deeper dive you did into the numbers, and it does offer a new perspective on his performance. Maybe it wasn’t as bad as the blame that was thrown around town here.

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