The Mexico game exemplifies Klinsmann’s problem. In the opening match of the Hex, against our most hated rival, in a stadium where we hadn’t lost to them since Pulisic was in diapers, he decides to experiment with a formation we’ve never played, with 4 guys out of position.
That moment of idiocy alone should’ve gotten him s.h.i.t.canned, never mind the other failures on his watch — not qualifying for 2 straight Olympics while he’s the technical director, 4th place at Gold Cup, losing to Jamaica, and consistently playing folks out of position (Yedlin at MF, FJohnson at MF, Besler at LB, Fielhaber on the couch).
Bitch all you want about Michael Bradley, but who are you replacing him with? Nagbe? Stay on the field a full season. Wil Trapp? He’s a baby, and couldn’t hold up against Colombia in Olympic quals. Feilhaber? No defense if you’re playing hin the #6 spot. Beckerman? Please. Nguyen? He’s Nagbe, but older and with worse hair. You don’t have an option to replace Bradley right now.

Dad, husband, game commando, veteran, Army brat, writer, teacher

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