The never-ending quest for the perfect 4X game

Yep, still searching…

So I have a confession. I am a wargamer, through and through, but my favorite games are the city- and realm-building games like Civilization. The challenge, of course, is that while there are a ton of great light boardgames whose themes trend in that direction, there’s not good tabletop game that fits in under two hours that mixes and matches the best of Carcassonne (build the map as you go), Seven Wonders (quick gameplay and development along many lines), Dominion (shared pool of assets to build from), and Eight Minute Empire (amazingly fast gameplay). To top it all off, I want all of that, and a halfway decent combat system that recognizes that terrain, technology, speed, and command actually matter.

Yes, I want it all. And I want it now!

Here’s the thing, each one of these games brings something to the table that I really enjoy, but in the process of trying to find the perfect game, you end up with the never-ending headache of trying to balance granularity in the facets of the game that matter to you, with streamlined gameplay for those who less interested in that level of minutia.

Dad, husband, game commando, veteran, Army brat, writer, teacher

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