This is pretty fascinating analysis and thank you for taking the time to explain the process.

I am very curious if there’s a way to run a more detailed comparison of the analyses you include in the histograms at the end, specifically +/- the presence of “wargame” in the descriptor. There’s long been a suspicion that non-wargame BGG users tend to under-rate wargames in large part b/c the subject matter and complexity are so off-putting that they almost belong on their own separate scale. For example, many ‘normal’ boardgamers regard something like Axis & Allies as a complex boardgame, but it’s among the more rudimentary wargames out there, compared to things like Advanced Squad Leader or the OCS games.
Your histograms, however, seem to indicate the opposite — that the presence of “wagame” in the title is a positive indicator. On one hand, there might be the hypothesis that the wargame players are upvoting games in their own preferred genre. On the other hand, it may also be that BGG is categorizing some things as ‘wargames’ that long-time grognards might not include (like Root). A deeper analysis of that particualr sub-genre would be very interesting.

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