Total clickbait headline.

Were there problems in the way the DC police handled some people swept up in the Antifa riot (it was not a mere ‘protest’ when they started smashing windows)? I’m sure it’s not hard to find examples of police over-reaction.

“rape as a weapon” — you’ve not demonstrated one iota of evidence of this. Even if the allegations in this article are true, there is a difference between ‘rape’ and ‘molestation’ and while both are wrong, one is significantly worse. We already distinguish between them in the legal system, and charge them separately because they are different.

Nowhere in this article is there even an allegation of rape, much less widespread, systemic, organized rape inflicted in such a way that it is intended as an example / behavioral deterrent or mass inflicting of shame across an entire class of people, all of which are the classic hallmarks of the use of rape as a weapon, particularly in contemporary conflicts such as Central Africa and the Middle East.

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