What’s been missing in the AI development so far (compared to the learning that humans do every day) is the ‘adult supervision’ that engages in subtle, immediate on-the-spot corrections when a 7-year-old uses the wrong word (even innocuously) to set standards of behavior and expression. Even before the kids are old enough to grok ‘why’ they understand from social pressures that certain words, phrases, and expressions are not OK to use, and certain standards of behavior are expected in polite society. We parcel out the level of education to match their expected level of understanding, whether tying shoes, or coloring within the lines, or not pointing at people in public, or not using the “n” word.

No AI yet, to my knowledge, has developed under that sort of guiding hand, so why wouldn’t we expect it to act like a total shit-slinging asshat when turned loose in society with no checks on what it’s absorbing and how it’s regurgitating those lessons?

Dad, husband, game commando, veteran, Army brat, writer, teacher

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